Oct 6, 2011

The Moment...

Friends, my words of wisdom for you today is: If time is an issue, make sure to live in the moment. Make sure you love what you do and who you do it with.

These are both from the He said, She said interview on Design*Sponge.

Ciao. x


Good day friends. How is your week coming along? Mine seems to be seeping away at a scary pace. It feels like I have just arrived at the coast and it is almost time to leave again. Why is that we never seem to be satisfied with the amount of time we have? Always too little or too much?

National Geographic.
Make the most of every second today and for the rest of ever.

Ciao. x

Oct 5, 2011

A leaf in the design book.

Hi friends. How are you all? We've been taking a bit of a break here at the coast. It's been a bit rainy and grey, but yesterday was quite a sunny one and I got to spend a bit of time in the sun. One thing that has caught my eye has been the Palm trees. There is something so inherently tropical about them. I can't help but imagine all the design possibilities these hold.

2. Scatters by Lee Jofa

 1. Dried palm fronds
2. Green outfit: www.online.wsj.com
4. Mojitos on ice
5. Palm chandelier: www.sophie.tistory.com

1. Palm light: www.inhabitat.com
3. Leaf scatter: www.stylehive.com

What do you think? Any of these strike your fancy? I must say, I am quite partial to a Palm leave scatter or two. It would look great on a patio set. Just to add a touch of the tropics to summer. Add a Pina Coladaor a Mojito and your ready to go. 

Ciao. x

Oct 3, 2011

Got the blues?

Morning friends. A happy Monday to all of you. I believe that most of the country is cold and rainy at the moment. We are in Umhlanga for the week and the weather is miserable. So much for catching some sun. Are you are still staying dry and warm? I didn't want you to get the weather blues, so I have a little pick-me-upper.

Did you know that Cobalt blue is all the rage at for this summer? It is indeed. I adore the colour and have some cobalt scatters in my upcoming range. I can't wait to share it with you. In the meantime, I thought I would just wet your appetite with some blue ordeuvres.

 How striking is this blue bathroom? I know I have featured it before, but it stays beautiful. An easy way to introduce blue, without a major commitment, is through a few ceramics. These and the other ceramic figure are form a designer by the name of Tisa Granicia. Aren't they just so unique?
 I discovered this lovely collage on Mr. Bright Bazaar's site. The Whitby print is by a company called Mini Moderns. I love the rhythm and movement of the design. The cobalt, navy and turquoise are a great mix.
Would you go with blue this season? I am more of a sea foam green/ blue girl myself. But I am sure I will get a few cobalt pieces to pspice things up for the new season. If not why not?

Have a lovely day and stay warm.
Ciao. x

Sep 29, 2011

DIY madness

Hi Friends. Wow, were has the week gone? I can't believe how quickly it has disappeared. One minute it was Monday, all full of potential. And here we are on Thursday already. Have you guys managed to get all you wanted done this week? I have done plenty, but would still like to get a few more things done before the weekend.

This weekend is going to be a strictly non-working weekend. Saturday I am attending my lovely friend's wedding and Sunday we are off on holiday for a week. But I promise I will still blog. :) Before I can even start contemplating any rest, relaxation or fun, I have to finish sanding off and repainting/ antiquing a piano. Yes, you read right. Little old me, is going to be doing all of that. I started a few hours ago and I am already halfway with the sanding. It's going much quicker than expected.

This early stage victory has already lead my silly mind to think about the next DIY project. These are some of the things I am keen to do.

 How sweet is this bathroom rack idea from Apartment therapy? I love the quirky little old-school taps.

 I would just love to paint a crazy bright, abstract painting like this one. These seem to be all the rage now. On a large scale it could make a fantastic statement.

 This is another of Apartment Therapy's featured DIY posts. They are a favourite read of mine. I adore how they have completely transformed this old cabinet into something spectacular.

I'm not sure where this image is from. It was more for my own memory bank than blogging, but I just love the library drawer look. This would be a great conversation piece as a buffet and has so much storage. It's like a dream!
 And what about this smart use of a CD rack, also from Apartment Therapy. Pop a gorgeous frame on it and voila'- you have yourself a cool mug display rack. (Displaying everyday crockery is all the rage at the moment by the way.)

 Back to the painting- I would love to own a house so that I could paint walls, doors and everything else that is willing to stand still. Check out this amazing DIY wall stencil post by the fab guys over at Young House love.
And last, but definately not least on my crazy DIY list is reupholstering my dining room chairs. We were given an amazing table by my folks. We added chairs later (we got lucky and managed to pick up a full set of 8, matching, antique chairs.) It's just a pity about their horrendous green upholstery. But that's nothing my stable gun and I can amend.

So, are you inspired? What have you been DIY'ing?

I will post pics from the piano as soon as I have made any proper progress. For more DIY inspiration, you can head over to my DOY Pinterest board here.

Have a fabulous Thursday evening.

Ciao. x

Sep 28, 2011

How now 'Howkapow'?

Good morning friends. I hope you are all having a great start to your Wednesday so far. What have you all been up to this week? Late last night I was still chilling on the net, when I cam across this lively site called 'Howkapow'. What a cute and quirky name. And wait until you see their products.

 Howkapow sells anything from jewellery, to brooches, kitchen and home decor, prints to scatters and more. And I can guarantee you, that their products are just as cute as their name.

1. They have a whole range of jewellery base on shadow puppetry. Tell me this isn't unique?!
2. This duck lamp reminds me a little bit of Jonathan Adler's crazy lamps. It stole my heart.
3. I loved this origami style, Sparrow pouffe.
4. They do the loveliest prints. I love the whimsical look of this one.
5. This brooch would make a bold statement on a dreary day.
6. This is a seasonal flower tea towel- adorable!

Make sure to visit their site. They have lots more were this cam from.

Have a great day!


Sep 27, 2011

Please help with an online survey.

Hi friends.

As you all know, I am taking a chance on this new venture of mine. In order to refine my services, make the business more streamlined and give you more of what you want, I have created this online survey. By completing it, you will be assisting me in providing you with an even better service and products.

I would really appreciate a few minutes of your time.


Thank you.